#2: Hum in public

03 Jan

I have no problem humming alone in my apartment.  I also have no issues with humming (or singing, sometimes loudly) in public when I’m with someone else.  But humming in public, alone?  I never do that.  It’s something about wanting to avoid being that crazy lady humming to herself.

However, when I discovered my iPod had no power yesterday, I only had two choices: walk to the subway in silence, or start humming.  I chose the latter, and it turned out, it felt really good.  I haven’t been in the best condition, emotionally or mentally, lately, and the humming took the place of the damaging thoughts that usually fly around in my head.  Instead of focusing on negative things or how annoying the people walking in front of me were, all I was thinking about while humming was…well, nothing.  Except the song, of course (it was an original, too, so I had to stay on my toes to come up with each new line of notes).

I’m not saying I’m planning to be that crazy lady humming to herself anytime soon (one time doesn’t make me her, okay?), but it was definitely a welcome distraction from the norm.

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