#7: Slip on dog poop

08 Jan

Why people with very bad luck who are extremely klutzy should never be without health insurance:

  • New Yorkers in general, and Upper East Siders in particular, tend to ignore the rule saying they have to clean up after their dogs
  • Dog poop is sometimes left on stone slabs in a park
  • When discarded Christmas trees are blocking the path into a park so you have to walk on a hill with stone slabs and someone has left their dog’s poop on those slabs, you will slip on the dog poop, fall down, be embarrassed when a couple (with a dog) looks horrified and asks if you’re okay, and then be unable to walk because your knee hurts so much
  • Although a knee may not swell up or bruise too badly, it can still be seriously messed up
  • It takes 5.5 drinks to distract from the pain in a busted knee
  • Living on the 5th floor of a walk-up requires having two healthy knees
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