#18: Secret Science Club

19 Jan

When I mentioned I didn’t have a New York City bucket list, I forgot about this.  I’ve been intending to go to The Secret Science Club for a few years.  I never used to do much in the evenings after work (now that I quit my job I’m actually busier than I ever was before), but as luck would have it, I’d always have something else planned for the nights of the club–the times I remembered it, I mean.  I really wanted to go to a presentation about the brain since I can’t get enough of brain stuff, but I figured since I was available and knew about it in advance, I might as well go to one about astronomy.

Here’s what I learned:

1.)  Despite my previous insistence of the opposite, I actually can be interested in bald guys.  It seems that as long as the three main characteristics are all there (funny, tall, smart), the hair doesn’t matter!  This is a huge revelation for me, especially as I get older and men get less hair.

2.)  Apparently it is appropriate for two friends who accompany me to an event to both ditch me before the event starts simply because it doesn’t appear to be exactly what they thought it would be.

3.)  #2 becomes especially problematic when, halfway through the lecture, I suddenly start sweating profusely and feeling sick, and end up almost blacking out.

4.)  Something about astronomy.  No seriously, it was interesting (the part I heard before I had to leave the room so I wouldn’t faint, that is), and the presenter was great at presenting.  I just wish it had been about the brain so maybe I could figure out why mine’s so messed up.

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