#19: Swim 51 laps

20 Jan

If you know anything about my pre-“adult” background, you may know I was a lifeguard.  So you may assume I can swim pretty well.  Fair enough, but wrong.  My problem has always been endurance.

During lifeguard training, I would come in early to swim my whatever-ridiculous-number-they-made-us-swim laps, and by the time everyone else showed up and was finished, I still hadn’t done the full amount.  During in-service trainings once I was a lifeguard, I would never complete the right number of laps.  It’s not that I was a terrible swimmer (they did have some standards to pass the test), and at every pool I worked at, it was okay because the victim would never be that far from the chair that my endurance was an issue.  But still, I felt a bit like a fraud.

When I moved to NYC, I started swimming for…wait for it…fun (well, that, and exercise), and at first it was tough.  I could really only make it a lap or two before being out of breath, which is how it had always been.  But eventually, I improved, and I made it to the point where I could swim 50 laps continuously.  I never did any more than that though because by the time I reached 50 I was either 1.) bored, or 2.) sick of counting.  Yesterday, I made it to 51.

It’s nice to know that if I put my mind to something, I can push myself past the norm.  I wish the 50 +1 lap concept was more applicable in everyday life, but unfortunately, other successes are less quantifiable.  Still, 51 laps!  I’m a machine!***

***If you happen to be a professional swimmer or just a regular swimmer who thinks swimming 51 laps is nothing to brag about, please refrain from voicing your opinion.  I’m perfectly content to live in my own little world where I feel proud of myself for a possibly not so amazing accomplishment, thank you very much.

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