#20: Put together a computer

21 Jan

Okay, so by “put together” I mean “take out of the box, attach the battery, and plug it in,” not “collect separate pieces and build from scratch.”  And sure, the entire process only took about 5 minutes.  But it’s a big deal for me.  I’ve only owned 3 computers in my life.  #1 was a laptop given to me as a high school graduation present. I’m sure my dad started it up for me.  #2 was a MacBook purchased at the suggestion of a live-in boyfriend. I’m sure he started it up for me.

So the fact that I got this one going all by myself is already an accomplishment.  But maybe even more impressive is the fact that I picked it out myself.  I only bought that Mac because my ex insisted Apple was so much better than any other brand, even though I paid probably 3X the price.  “It’s worth it,” he said.  I listened. He was wrong.  When I first started shopping around for a new laptop this time, my boyfriend at the time also had his own suggestions.  And I was prepared to listen.  But this new laptop was bought without input from anyone, and I got it started without help from anyone.

I feel like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride when she finally figures out what kind of eggs she likes.  Of course, in her case, her inability to decide was because she wanted to be agreeable, and in my case it’s just that I hate making decisions, so if someone else makes them for me I don’t have to agonize over whether I made the right one.

Are you thinking that comparing myself to Julia Roberts shows what a loose grip I have on reality?  Are you wondering if maybe I believe, now that I’ve completed this task of independence, my very own Richard Gere will come climbing up my fire escape?  Oh wait, different movie.  Regardless, don’t worry.  I know life isn’t like a movie (at least, it’s not like the end of romantic comedies…the beginnings and middles where everything’s a mess and you think it can’t possibly all be sorted out in 90 minutes and oh no is this movie 2 hours long because I can’t sit through that–well, yeah, I can relate to those parts).

But putting together my own computer that I bought on my own without anyone’s advice still kind of feels like a movie-worthy event.  Besides, you don’t know–maybe tonight I will be swept off my feet by the guy who’s always had his eye on me but was just waiting until I displayed a little independence and figured out who I was as an individual to make his move.  Stranger things have happened.  Usually in movies, but still.

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