#23: Make a hard-boiled egg

24 Jan

Picture, if you will, a woman who had to look up instructions for how to scramble eggs the first time she did it.

Now picture her trying to make a hard-boiled egg.  Are you imagining an internet browser opened to Google? Good.

You could give this woman the benefit of the doubt and assume she doesn’t like eggs, so that’s why she has no clue how to make them.  That would be very generous of you.  The truth is, eggs aren’t my favorite food ever, but I do like them.  I just hardly ever buy them unless I’m making cupcakes or brownies–from a mix, which probably goes without saying.  But, as I get closer to the period of my life when I may, possibly, there’s-still-time-so-don’t-feel-too-sorry-for-me-just-because-everyone-from-high-school-is-married-or-engaged-and-it’s-impossible-not-to-see-when-you-look-at-your-10-year-reunion-invite-on-facebook, need to one day be slightly domestic, I decided I should learn how to do more in the kitchen than just boil water.

Technically, that is all I did to make the eggs.  But I followed these detailed instructions that required a fairly intense time commitment.  And it worked!  So now, if I ever have someone to make eggs for, I can offer them 3 kinds: scrambled, hard-boiled, or an omelet (which half the time scrambled ends up being anyway because you look away for 30 seconds and suddenly that’s what you have in the pan).


Images included to prove:
1.) I really am telling the truth about the eggs being successful, and
2.) I actually am so proud of accomplishing something so mundane that I took pictures.

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