#30: Go to a movie alone

31 Jan

I have a terrible habit.  Only the people who know me well have witnessed it.  It’s awful, and not only is it frowned upon in public, but it’s also unacceptable in private.  I’m ashamed of it, but I can’t stop doing it.  I’m guilty of one of the worst things you could possibly do.

I talk during movies.

Before you get too outraged, you should know that I don’t talk just to have a conversation, and I don’t do it in theaters (much).  But I often have questions while I’m watching movies, and I like to ask them.  This annoys almost everyone, except my sisters, because they do it, too (my brother hates watching movies with us).

I know I need to get this habit under control if I want any hope of functioning properly in society, so I went to a movie alone to practice.  Well, there were 2 other people in the theater, but they were both there alone, too.  So I was essentially by myself.

And it felt weird.  After experiencing it, I still don’t understand why some people want to pay money to sit in a dark theater in a not very comfortable chair to watch a movie all alone.  At least when I go with someone, I can treat it as an outing, but by myself, it seemed more like an errand.  I get that I wouldn’t have been talking to anyone even if I had someone there with me (I do understand the concept of silence during movies, even if I don’t always practice it), but the presence of a body next to me is comforting.  It’s the same reason why, as much as I love living alone, whenever I’m watching TV or a movie at home, I always wish someone was there to laugh with me.  I don’t mean I want a boyfriend.  I’m not talking about feeling like a pathetic single person. I’m just talking about enjoying being next to someone, sharing the space, and being connected.

Unfortunately, that someone needs to be a person I know and preferably someone I like.  Hearing every word of my neighbor’s phone conversations and sharing in his video game triumphs somehow doesn’t give me the same sense of comfort.

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One response to “#30: Go to a movie alone

  1. Carolyn Loyel (@MsLoyel)

    February 3, 2012 at 8:50 am

    What did you see???


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