#35: Have a John Hancocktail

05 Feb

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

I can’t count how many times I’ve been someplace where you have to find your own seat, seen the perfect seat, and been heading towards it when someone else gets there before me.  It’s so frustrating, and I always end up complaining about it for at least 5 minutes afterward, from my less than ideal seat.  The person I’m complaining to thinks it’s frustrating, too.

So when I saw the couple getting up from their table right against the window with an unobstructed view of Chicago, I knew I had to do something, and fast.  I quickly walked over, cutting off 2 Asian girls who (possibly) were (slowly) walking over toward the same table.  I sat down before they even realized what was happening.

For once, I didn’t have to sigh dramatically, give someone an evil look, and complain.  For once, I got the seat. For once, I wanted something and took it.  Does that sound selfish?  I don’t care.  It’s the John Hancock building.  It’s a tourist attraction and I wanted to enjoy it the way I wanted to enjoy it.  I didn’t want to stop and wonder how others felt about what I was doing.  I wanted to do something for myself for once.  And it felt good.

Besides, it’s not like the other views were bad.  Mine was just the best.  And there was an equally beautiful view from the bathroom window (seriously).

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