#46: Eat a $26 burger

16 Feb

“Q: When was the last time you laughed?”

–written on an index card found on top of a pile of unwanted Valentine’s Day stuffed animals at Walgreens.  I was really early for my late dinner reservation at Minetta Tavern because the local train ran express most of the way, so I had stopped in to see if there was any leftover candy on sale.  Like most places in the city, Walgreens had about 5 discounted packages of chocolates in heart-shaped boxes next to a new, fresh display of Easter candy at full price.

It wasn’t a particularly intriguing question for me since I laugh all the time, but I took the index card anyway because I am intrigued by random notes from strangers.

I wasn’t really expecting the Black Label Burger to be worth $26, but most of the reviewers on yelp said it was, and despite my better judgment, I often trust them.  And even if they were wrong, it was just one of those things I had to try myself so I could know for sure, like how I had to leave my job without a clear plan in the fall just to make sure I was the type of person who shouldn’t leave her job without a clear plan.

So I won’t even comment on whether I think a piece of meat on a quickly-turned-soggy bun could ever be worth $26.  I won’t say whether I thought the waitress was more than a little annoyed that we didn’t order drinks or dessert.  I will say it was a good burger, but it didn’t taste like a normal burger, so I don’t know that I could ever place it on a best burger list.  The meat was so moist and melt-in-your-mouth soft that it almost didn’t feel right.

I’m not sure I would ever choose to have that burger again, not when I could get a perfectly respectable 4 star (according to yelp; by my account, fantastic), huge burger right around the corner.  I am sure that I laughed a lot during dinner, so at least I can easily answer the question on the card in my purse, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it back to that Walgreens to leave my response.  So in case you’re reading this, person who randomly left an index card on top of the generic Valentine’s Day misfits in the Walgreens at Astor Place, my answer is: around 11:30pm on Wednesday, in between bites of a $26 burger.

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