#56: Buy earplugs

26 Feb

“Better late than never.”  Is that true?  And if so, in which instances, specifically?

For discovering you forgot to bring your lunch?  Sure; at least then you can think of another way to procure food. For remembering to put on sunscreen?  Nope; once you’re burned to a crisp it doesn’t really make anything better to slather on the SPF.  For realizing how horrible a relationship was for you?  Maybe; only if you actually learn from your mistake and vow never to sacrifice your own potential for someone who doesn’t see it ever again.

For buying earplugs, I have to think, no.  I am no longer living in a place with walls thinner than a slice of cheese (okay, I don’t know this for a fact, but I would be willing to bet up to $10 that this is true), next to neighbors who think they’re in a college dorm.  So the earplugs serve exactly zero purpose right now.

But they were at the dollar store, and when I saw them I instinctively picked them up to purchase, even knowing they were pointless at this juncture.  Why?  Better late than never?  No, of course not.  I bought them because I may possibly need them in the future, and while “better early than late” is not a saying you commonly hear, it’s one I happen to agree with in this specific instance.

It also happens to work for the lunch and sunscreen scenarios.  The relationship one?  Probably, though if you find out early enough, I think they just call that regular dating.

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