#62: Make homemade gnocchi

03 Mar

How making gnocchi is like being in a relationship:

  • You start out really excited because you’re anticipating the delicious end result
  • It takes a very long time–not to mention patience–to do correctly
  • You may have to stray slightly from the recipe
  • It works best when you have others helping
  • Sometimes, you look at where you are and how much further you have to go and get discouraged
  • Occasionally you have to dump the water out and start fresh
  • If you have differing views about how to do it, the product might come out uneven, but it’s still usable
  • It can get so tiring that you may want to give up
  • When things get sticky, you do your best to fix it
  • Eventually, you start questioning the amount of effort you’re putting into it and wonder if it’s actually worth it
  • At some point, you may reach a stage when you’ve done everything you possibly can to save it, but something has changed and no matter what you try to do, it refuses to be salvaged
  • After it’s over, you appreciate it for what it was and wonder whether you’ll ever have the strength to do it again
  • Once some time has passed, you realize that of course you’re going to try again because there’s nothing better than when it turns out right
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