#64: Eat Mexican food in Cleveland

05 Mar

It was very bland.

Confession: whenever I hear about people marrying their high school sweethearts, I don’t think things like, Oh, that’s so sweet! or Aww, they were meant for each other.  Instead, I think things like, So they’ve never been with anyone else in their entire lives? and They don’t even know what they’re missing!

I don’t mean to be a cynic in this case.  It’s just that I always wonder whether one day, one of the spouses is going to wake up and think they made a huge mistake by never even considering dating someone else.  Then I realize that while it does happen sometimes, in most cases, probably both spouses are just content with what they have.  Then I struggle with the thought, unable to decide for sure whether that’s a good thing.

I go back and forth.  On the one hand, shouldn’t I feel sorry for people who haven’t gotten to experience and see things and know what they’re missing out on?  Shouldn’t I feel sad for people who have never left Cleveland? Aren’t their lives slightly less exciting than mine if they’ve never seen the ocean?  Isn’t it a little pathetic that they haven’t ever tried Thai food?

But on the other hand, aren’t they in perfect, ignorant bliss?  Aren’t their lives so delightfully simple that it doesn’t matter that they don’t know what it feels like to get stuck on a subway in a tunnel?  Don’t they appreciate everything more since they have nothing else to compare it to?  Shouldn’t I envy them for their lack of knowledge of what could be?

The truth is, regardless of the answer, it’s all moot.  The reality is that I do know what authentic Mexican food should taste like because I’ve been to Mexico (and California).  I have experienced plenty of things in my life, so even if it turns out that these sheltered people really are lucky and simple really is better, I can’t ever know what that’s like.  Even if I wanted to slow down, settle down, and appreciate the simple things in life, I would always have a past when things weren’t so slow and settled to compare it to.  And honestly, I do think I’m better off for that.  Not better than anyone else living in ignorant bliss, but a better me, because ignorant bliss doesn’t happen to appeal to me.

Conclusion: those who don’t know what they’re missing are fine with that, and I’m equally fine with knowing what I’m missing by eating at a Mexican restaurant in Cleveland.

It was very bland.

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