#65: Eat raw zucchini

06 Mar

I hate pickles.  Because they begin as pickles, cucumbers are also on the “do not eat” list.  So it only follows that because of its resemblance to the cucumber, the zucchini was never really given a shot.  I’ll admit it.  I never offered it a real chance, and I judged it prematurely, and I let my prejudice get in the way of having an open mind.

Rationally, I know it doesn’t make sense to form an opinion about something before I’ve actually gotten to know it.  I understand it’s not fair to decide that just because I’ve had a bad experience with something similar, I’m necessarily going to dislike the new thing.  But we are products of our past, and it can be hard to disentangle ourselves from what we’ve always known for long enough to allow our minds to be changed.  Sometimes, the negative memories outweigh–or try to–the possible positives of the unknown, and we think it’s safer to give up before we’ve even begun.  That way, we shield ourselves from the possibility of ending up sick to our stomachs, choking on disappointment, with a disgusting taste in our mouths.

But of course, if you truly want to be rational about it, you’ll eventually realize that in order to give yourself an opportunity to grow as a person and find happiness, you’ve got to suck it up, take a deep breath, chew, and swallow.  Otherwise, you’ll always wonder if you prematurely discounted something that could have turned out to be really delicious.

In the case of the raw zucchini, its texture was a little too close to the cucumber’s for me to actually enjoy it, but I am glad I gave it a try, because now I’m one step closer to finding my lifelong vegetable match.

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