#66: Ignore a typo

07 Mar

I am not talking about ignoring someone else’s typo.  I have to do that all the time.  And clearly I’m not talking about ignoring as in “not writing an entire blog post about” it.

But I am talking about my own typo.

Usually, when I find one (contrary to what I would like to have you believe and what I would like to be the truth, I do make them), I have to immediately correct it, whether that means updating a blog post, or deleting a tweet. Once I notice it, I can’t just let it sit there.  Otherwise (isn’t it obvious?), people will think I’m stupid.  You know, those 2 people who might notice it out of the 4 who might possibly read what I wrote in the first place.  It’s important that those 2 people who–just taking a wild guess here–are almost certainly my good friends don’t think for a second that I don’t know how to spell a simple word or I can’t see that I left out a word.  It’s crucial that a tiny error that anyone could make isn’t left hanging there.

Why?  Oh, you want an explanation that makes this way of thinking make sense?  You want a reasoning that doesn’t make me sound like an obsessive, arrogant, slightly crazed person?

Well.  I don’t have that for you.

What I do have is the evidence, right here, that I made a typo and didn’t, upon discovery, immediately fix it: the offending tweet.

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