#68: Cuddle with a body pillow

09 Mar

I’m not a huge pillow person.  Granted, I keep lots of pillows on my bed and several on the couch, and sometimes I just sit on the floor holding a pillow.  However, I only sleep with one pillow under my head, and it needs to be extremely flat or else I won’t use one at all.  Okay, so maybe it’s not so much that I’m not a pillow person but just that I’m slightly anal about my pillows.

Either way, the point is, I’ve never used a body pillow before.  I’ve heard about them, and I’ve seen them, mostly on television, and they’ve seemed okay.  But I never really had much of an urge to purchase one or try one out.  I had my one flat pillow for sleeping and I thought that was all I needed.

Luckily, my naive, ignorant, body-pillow-less days are in the past.  Have you ever tried one of these things?  It’s amazing!  It’s so huge!  And soft!  And, just, incredible.  You can cuddle it, and I mean really cuddle it, as cuddling was meant to be.  You can wrap your arms around it, squeezing it tight with your eyes closed, and almost convince yourself you’re not alone.  Even if it’s not technically your pillow and you can’t keep it and cuddle it every single day, at least now you know what you’ve been missing all this time.  At least now you realize there is an option for when you feel lonely at night and need to hold something warm up against you.

It makes me wonder whether, had I owned a body pillow before, I would have been a calmer person overall.  It’s no secret I’m not mellow or easygoing.  But if I had a body pillow waiting at home for me after a particularly stressful day, or keeping me company during an especially heated phone conversation, or comforting me before a business trip I didn’t want to take, I feel like maybe I could have been better at handling negative situations.  I’m not blaming everything that’s gone wrong for me on my lack of a body pillow.  That would be silly; I recognize that.  I’m just suggesting that maybe what’s been missing in my life is something that’s always there for me, and that I never have to worry about getting sick of me, and that I never have to be afraid will suddenly abandon me.  And since I’m pretty sure that “something” doesn’t exist in human form, at least not right now, the body pillow could be a strong contender for filling that void.

Of course, it doesn’t hug you back, so it’s not perfect, but is anything perfect?

(The answer is no.  The body pillow comes close enough, I think.)

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