#69: Try Nerds chapstick

10 Mar

The rule for movies is that the original is always best, right?  Aside from the few exceptions like Toy Story, or perhaps The Godfather or Star Wars (I haven’t seen either series, so I’m not sure), where you wonder if maybe, possibly, the sequels surpass the first installment.

The rule for technology is that the new generations are always better.  Having never owned an iPad, iPhone, or car, and having had a touch-screen phone that malfunctioned 3 times in one year, I’m not quite sure if I believe that, so I’ll defer to the general public on this one.

But what is the rule for candy?  Is there one?  The first time I tried Nerds Rope, I thought surely the sequels must be better, since Nerds Rope is one of the most amazing, unlikeliest reincarnations I have ever tasted.  (If you don’t think Nerds can be improved upon, get your hands on a Nerds Rope, stat.)

So when I saw Nerds-flavored chapstick in the dollar bin at Target, I had to wonder.  Could it be better than Nerds because you aren’t damaging your teeth or turning your tongue funny colors?

I knew it was a long shot, but I also remembered how adamant I was that Nerds Rope was going to be disgusting before I tasted it for the first time.  So, keeping in mind the idea that first impressions actually can be misleading, I went for it.

It was pretty disgusting.  But I would have never known if I hadn’t tried it, and if you’ve been keeping up with even a few of my “new things,” you know that I’m a huge advocate of trying things even if you have a suspicion they’re going to turn out terribly.  Maybe even especially if you have that suspicion.  Because then either way it’s a success–if it’s as bad as you thought, you prove yourself right, and if it’s not as bad as you thought, you fall in love with Nerds Rope.  Win-win.

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