#75: Watch 5 episodes of The Millionaire Matchmaker

16 Mar

…in a row.  Wait, don’t judge me.  I was also doing other things during most of those 5 episodes, such as checking my email, checking my blog stats, and eating.  Okay, now you can judge me.

The thing I realized after having The Millionaire Matchmaker on in the background for 5 hours is that I’ve changed since I first started watching the show–I mean originally, not at the beginning of the day when I first turned it on.  When I discovered the show, I was kind of in awe at these women and men who signed up to date Patti’s millionaires.  The chance to be on television aside, these people willingly chose to date people who had tons of money, were generally successful, and yet couldn’t make it work in the dating category and therefore probably had some sort of issue that was keeping them from true love.  But what about you? you may be thinking.  You’re single, too.  So aren’t you saying that clearly there’s something wrong with you for not being able to keep a boyfriend? 

Yep.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that I felt like these people who decided to date the millionaires were a little pathetic or only cared about money.  That’s what I thought at, what, age 24?  25?  What did I know?  Uh, what do you know now? you may be thinking.  It doesn’t seem like you’ve suddenly grown so much more knowledgeable about dating or life in the past few years. 

You’re right.  However, I no longer see these millionaire-dating people as pathetic.  I see them as realistic.  They figure, hey, if at this point in my life my dating pool has narrowed so much so that the only ones left in it have some sort of “issue,” I might as well go out with someone with a ton of money.

That’s just good sense.  Okay, you can judge me again.

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