#81: Power walk

22 Mar

You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t pretend you haven’t wondered, when you’ve seen middle-aged women striding by, pumping their arms, and mainly looking like idiots, whether it wasn’t actually really fun to power walk.  It can’t seriously just be about the added athletic value.  I mean, it looks ridiculous.  I don’t care what exercise plan you’re on or how many dress sizes you want to lose; there is no body image so negative that you would subject yourself to looking so idiotic simply for the physical benefit.  It has to be fun.

Yeah, it’s not.

Unless I was doing it wrong, but I’m pretty sure I had it right.  I walked slightly quicker than a strolling pace, swung my arms back and forth, and generally looked stupid.  So I think I had it down.  It’s just really not that enjoyable.  Which was disappointing, because in the back of my mind I was hoping that it might turn out to be like Phoebe’s crazy running: it looks nuts, but it’s honestly kind of fun and definitely burns more calories.

Sometimes you have to make a choice between not looking dumb and feeling good, and it’s one I am definitely prepared to make when the time is right.  Sitting at an empty swim-up bar in the rain?  Yep.  I’ll look dumb for that.  Dressing as Santa in January?  Oh yeah.  I’ve looked dumber.  Participating in karaoke under regular circumstances?  Totally.  Looking dumb is the whole point.  But power walking?  Not worth it.

Now I know.

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