#82: Learn how to make the | symbol

23 Mar

I’ve used the | symbol before.  In fact, I love it.  It’s such an elegant, neat way to separate text that needs a slight space but is both too closely related for bullet points and too unrelated for commas or semicolons.  In fact, at my old job I had to use it a lot.

Copy and paste.  Every time.

I figured there was some sort of ctrl sequence that created the symbol, and since I didn’t know (still don’t) what the symbol was called, I couldn’t look it up to find out what it was.  So I lived in ignorant bliss.  No, that’s not right–I lived in knowledgeable ignorance.

Until yesterday, when I unintentionally discovered that there actually is a | symbol already on the keyboard, right above the \, just waiting to be activated with shift.

And while the euphoria–tied to learning something most people using a computer since Oregon Trail was cool already know–eventually wore off, the sense of wonder didn’t.

What sense of wonder? you ask.  The sense of wonder accompanying the notion that, although I assumed I was too old and jaded to ever be one of those people (mainly found in romantic comedies) for whom the love of their life has been right before their eyes the whole time, it could still happen.  If I could find out how to create |, which has, incidentally, been right at my fingertips, there could be other things–Love!  Success!  Ponies!–right in front of me, too.

I’m not going to bother looking for them, because I need to spend my time going after the wrong guy until the proper moment when suddenly I’ll see what’s been waiting for me, and only then can we live happily ever after, at least until graduation.  But I am going to keep my eyes open.

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