#85: Clear out Gmail inbox

26 Mar

Here are just some of the delightful things I found:

  • a shopping list of groceries to prepare for “Hurricane” Irene
  • countless Travelzoo Top 20 announcements
  • a picture in which I look like I’m smoking (I’m not–it’s an ice cream spoon sticking out of my mouth)
  • 2 out-of-the-blue emails from men I had dated and not been in contact with for at least a year
  • a picture from a work scavenger hunt where I’m pretending to serenade 2 tourists who look terrified
  • proof that I wasn’t crazy for thinking pinterest was started over a year ago
  • 4 application confirmations (but no rejections because I deleted them immediately) to MFA programs
  • a link to my tv debut
  • a series of emails through which my friend and I successfully set up a plot to catch a serial craigslist poster
  • a really great tumblr idea that my friend and I never followed through on
  • an invitation to preview Google Wave (what is Google Wave?)
  • a trillion “Thank you for your interest in random job you applied for” automated responses
  • plans for a fake bachelorette party that didn’t end up taking place
  • a picture of a That’s So Raven T-shirt
  • a 22-email-long conversation with the subject line: hang out as friends at night without it ending badly, take 2
  • a postmodern booklist
  • an email I wrote to myself with no subject and only this in the body: “Whenever I’m riding, I’m sculpting. The lighting in here’s really beautiful.  The lighting in here’s really great.”  (Are these song lyrics or something?)
  • correspondence about my duties as a race official for The Interesting Race
  • a complaint about how “I CAN’T GET A BACKGROUND ON MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • congratuations on my first eBay purchase
  • a list of 100 reasons why an ex loved me, including: “you yell at homeless people at Dunkin Doughnuts when they don’t accept my charity,” “you can teach me the real definitions of many words,”  “you make great pasta, jello, and pasta salad,” and (this is the best one), “you get me ice water sometimes when I ask”

And some quick stats:

  • “I love you” appeared in 80 conversations
  • the word “yuck” showed up in 40 conversations
  • “mad” came up 90 times, “sad” 140, and “happy” 560
  • “rain” was mentioned 140 times, and “sun,” 358
  • “obviously” was written 274 times
  • something or someone was called “crazy” 371 times
  • “so” was typed with 2 o’s 28 times, 3 o’s–44, 4 o’s–46, 5 o’s–19, and 6 o’s 12 times

I’m an emotional pack rat.  For example, aside from the impulsive, totally necessary, I’m-so-angry/sad/hurt-right-now-that-I-have-to-get-rid-of-the-evidence deletions, I kind of like keeping messages from past relationships.  They either a.) remind me of a time when we were happy, b.) remind me of things I did wrong and don’t want to repeat in the future, or c.) still make me laugh.  And plane ticket confirmation emails?  Those mostly stay, too, because they’re an easy way to remember when I went on certain trips.  The entire Gmail inbox is like a visual history of my life (since 2006, that is), and going through it was strangely comforting.  Sure, occasionally I felt overwhelmed by the absurdity of conversations I thought were so important at the time, but overall, I just felt nostalgic, in the completely healthy–no sad music playing in the background–way.

So while I ended up getting my unread message total down from 114 to 70, I didn’t actually delete too many messages.  I realized I don’t want to eliminate my virtual memory lane.

Next I’ll tackle the Drafts folder.  I’m afraid to see what’s in there.

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