#91: Watch The West Wing

01 Apr

So I’m slightly behind the times on this one. My family has always loved The West Wing, but for some reason I never started watching it.  And after the first episode, I’ve decided I probably won’t continue watching it–not because it wasn’t interesting.  Just because.

And also: the one Aaron Sorkin series I did watch in its entirety–Sports Night–was so ridiculously good at grabbing you by the heartstrings (the ones you thought were lost deep inside or the ones you didn’t know existed) and tugging, tugging until you couldn’t bear it because the struggles felt so incredibly honest–and in a show centered around sports television, even–that I’m not sure I could handle another series that threatens to make me care so much about people who don’t exist.  I’m just not in the mood at the moment to be emotionally drained thanks to fictional characters whose situations, though on the one hand are completely unlike anything I know (I’ve never even been to D.C.), on the other, are tortuously like real life.

So while I’m sure the show is very good and I would probably like it if I kept watching it, I don’t want to put in the effort right now.

It’s not you, The West Wing; it’s me.  Actually, it’s not me; it’s Aaron Sorkin.

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