#92: Clear out Gmail drafts

02 Apr

I once knew someone who had hundreds of emails in his Gmail Drafts folder because he would start to write a message and then lose interest, or get distracted, or just forget to finish it.  I’m not like that.  I send emails immediately (as soon as I’ve finished proofreading and spell checking them–that’s just common courtesy).  So I only had 66 drafts, most of which I had saved at some point on purpose.

Some of the things I deliberately chose to save were…interesting.  Top 5 most blog-worthy items:

5.) An unsent reply to a form rejection letter, in the form of a form response letter (they told me they couldn’t hire me because I’d wanted to give my current job 2 weeks’ notice).

4.) A “writing test” that I had seriously considered carrying around with me to administer to any single men I met to make sure they could handle typical correspondence.  (It included “its,” quotation marks, dashes, and plenty of commas.)

3.) A list of church songs I actually like, in case I ever get married and am allowed to choose what they play during the ceremony.  Feel free to use this example if someone asks you the definition of moot.

2.) A list of things I wanted to do in New York at some point–not a bucket list, just some fun ideas.  I did 2 of them.

1.) An email that says only, “making a plan to throw caution to the wind.” I have no idea what it’s about, but I wrote it on October 16th.  Incidentally, that day was the beginning of the week I quit my job, which I think we can all agree was a pretty good example of throwing caution to the wind (and then telling the wind to carry it as far as it can go).  So maybe I’m psychic and just never knew it?

There was, of course, also, the email I never sent.  I had to read it one last time before deleting it because it was over 3,000 words long and that’s a lot of words to just throw out without reading.  So I read it and, just like I’d hoped it would be when I wrote it 4 months ago, I felt nothing.  Well, not nothing.  I felt glad that I wasn’t still with a person who wouldn’t give me what I wanted, and I felt relieved that I wasn’t still spending my energy on a person who couldn’t be happy to be with me.  I felt content knowing we’d both been given another chance to find someone who thinks we’re amazing and challenging and irrefutably necessary.  Those are pretty basic, uncomplicated feelings compared to the ones I’d had when I first wrote that email, but they’re powerful, too–they helped me get my Drafts folder count down to 34.

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