#93: Buy everyone milkshakes

03 Apr

Spoiler alert: “Everyone” was 3 people, including me.

It was a beautiful 50 degree day.  The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and did I mention it was 50 degrees?  Apparently, 50 degrees is fairly cool.  Yet for some reason, I thought it meant I should wear a light, spring jacket and a short-sleeved shirt to go on a walk in a windy area near a lake.

Spoiler alert: It did not mean that.

But when the whole point of going on the walk in the first place is to go to the ice cream store, you go.  Even if your face is windburned and you can’t feel your fingers, you go.  Even if your nose is running and you can’t even tell because it’s numb, you go.  And you’re going to enjoy the banana milkshake you ordered, even if you accidentally sat in a pool of water on the chair while you waited for your milkshake and you now have a huge, cold, wet spot on your butt that is a perfect complement to the biting wind.

And even if you get home and still feel a chill throughout your body an hour later, you’re happy.  Because your mother and your sister were so grateful that you bought them milkshakes, even though it was such a small, seemingly inconsequential thing to do.  And you take a moment to think about how you are lucky, banana milkshake or not.  But preferably banana milkshake.  It was delicious.

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