#94: Pretend to listen to music

04 Apr

I am a serial look-at-your-cell-phone-when-you-realize-you’re-walking-the-wrong-way-to-pretend-you-just-noticed-you’re-late-for-something-and-therefore-need-to-go-the-other-way offender.  But I’ve never pretended to listen to music in order to avoid embarrassment or having to talk to someone.  Mostly that’s because I don’t use my iPod all that much (which is mostly because I haven’t added too many new songs since college, which is mostly because I’m lazy and would prefer someone else to locate all of the music I like and download it for me, which for some reason hasn’t happened yet).

Yesterday, though, just after I left to go running, I realized my iPod had no power.  So instead of simply holding it while I ran, I left the headphones in my ears and pretended I was listening to music.  See, what I wanted to find out was whether, if I looked like I was listening to music, fewer people would honk their horns as they drove by in their cars (it’s a suburb thing).  Of course, pretending to be distracted by music would only work if the people honking their horns actually thought that by honking their horns they might seriously get a random stranger on the sidewalk to react to a horn honked by a stranger in a car.  Which I’m pretty sure isn’t the case.

So I admit it was kind of a flawed experiment.

One person honked his horn at me, and I’ve decided to believe the number would have been higher had I not been wearing headphones with no music playing.  But no one will ever know for sure.  No one will ever care, either, but that’s beside the point. Don’t ask me what the point is.

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