#95: Wear a shirt inside out

05 Apr

It was a mistake, of course, but one of the good things about working from home is that no one sees you all day.  So when I looked down halfway through the day and realized the seams were on the wrong side of my shirt, I left it alone.  Plus, I thought, isn’t it good luck if you put your clothes on inside out without noticing it?

Maybe this simple act of being too distracted while putting on a shirt was a symbol of my luck changing.

Maybe, the next time I take a flight, my plane won’t be delayed.  Maybe, when a band I love is playing nearby, I’ll realize it before the tickets are sold out.  Maybe, the next time I don’t bring an umbrella, it won’t rain, and when it does rain, I’ll see a rainbow.  And if there’s a sale, I’ll arrive on time to find something in my size.  If there’s a huge slice of chocolate cake randomly waiting for me somewhere, there won’t be coconut in it.  When I meet someone who makes me laugh hysterically, I won’t find out he’s engaged.  When I’m drinking water, I won’t spill it all over myself.  And maybe, just maybe, if there’s a tiny bump in the sidewalk that no one can even see with the naked eye, and it’s all the way over at the edge where no one would normally be walking, and it’s been there for years without any casualties, I won’t trip over it.

In other words, maybe I will be a completely different person and have a completely different life from now on.

At least, these are the things I dared to think until I looked it up last night and find out that, in fact, putting your shirt on inside out is bad luck.

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