#101: Listen to a song 5 times in 1 day

11 Apr

Disclaimer: I hardly ever intentionally seek out new music.  It’s not because I don’t like music; it’s simply that I don’t usually put the effort into finding obscure, indie bands no one knows about and prefer instead to wait for other people to find obscure, indie bands and then listen to them once they are no longer obscure.  So my favorite songs are barely ever new, or cool, or representative of just how ridiculously unique and cutting edge I am.

Do we understand each other?  Good.

Yesterday I listened to Fun.’s (can we just take a moment here to acknowledge how much this band’s name screws with conventional punctuation when used in a sentence or paired with any other marks?) “Carry On” 5 times.  First, I listened to both the regular and acoustic versions, then I played both versions for my sister, and then I listened to one of them again before I went to sleep.

I cannot tell you why.  I don’t know why.  There are simply some songs that, when I first hear them, I need to listen to more, and this is one of them.  It reminds me of Modest Mouse’s “Float On”–not in the sound, of course, but the message.  So maybe I just like hey-you-can-make-it-through-whatever-it-is-you’re-going-through-because-let’s-face-it-life-goes-on-and-your-problems-probably-aren’t-really-that-bad-anyway-but-even-if-they-are-well-guess-what-everyone-else-has-to-deal-with-stuff-too messages.  Or maybe I needed to play the song 5 times in one day so that I would get sick of it and not mind if I never heard it again.  Or maybe I’m a sucker for men with nice singing voices.

Or maybe there just isn’t that much to do in Ohio.

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One response to “#101: Listen to a song 5 times in 1 day

  1. carolynloyel

    April 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I love that song, but personally I’m partial to “Some Nights”


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