#103: Choose Neapolitan ice cream

13 Apr

I don’t have to write much about this, right?  You get it.  It’s the one flavor that will always still be there when the grocery store is having a sale.  No one ever says, “I love Neapolitan ice cream.”  If someone told you the only options were to never have ice cream again or only eat Neapolitan ice cream forever, it would be a tough choice. No one ever chooses Neapolitan.

But yesterday, I chose it.  There were 2 flavors to pick from, and I’d already tried the other one and didn’t really like it.  I’m trying to justify my decision, but the truth is, there’s no way to explain it that makes any sense.

So let’s skip over the part where I try to analyze what this could possibly mean, like I did when I wanted chocolate ice cream.  Let’s forget the whole section of the post where I go over how I always thought I was–had to be–a certain way and this seemingly inconsequential exercise of doing something new every day has done the impossible and actually changed tiny parts of myself.  Let’s not talk about how living in Ohio and doing absolutely nothing except working from home and seeing my family has somehow inspired me to feel better about who I am than I have in a really long time.  Let’s not mention how I think I may even be starting to make progress on my goal to one day become optimistic.

Because none of that needs to be said.  I chose Neapolitan ice cream.  You get it.  Things are different.

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