#104: Read The Hunger Games

14 Apr

Normally I prefer walking, but this time I jumped on the bandwagon…literally years after everyone else had already hopped on, sure, but usually I don’t even try (I still haven’t read/watched Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings).

This time it was different.  I didn’t resist reading the book.  I’m not sure why.  It could have something to do with the fact that I was pretty sure the writing wouldn’t make me almost physically incapable of getting through it (this is not a reference to Twilight if that’s what you think).  Or it could just be because this time, the plot sort of interested me.

Of course, now having read the book, I’m disgusted to say that.  Even while reading it, I felt uncomfortable.  I know, I know, the fact that it’s all so disturbing is what makes it so enticing to people.  The idea that maybe something similar could actually feasibly happen at some point makes it more than simply a terrifying tale.  And then there’s the love triangle which, though I think its presence is way too manipulative of readers’ emotions (or maybe just mine), offers something to those of us who don’t exactly relish the practice of imagining children being constantly murdered.

At least it was a quick read.  But it does make me think about, as probably other people did (I admit I haven’t kept up on the hype surrounding the books or movie), what I would do if thrust into a life or death situation.  I always figure, in the case of aliens, or an apocalypse, or someone told by the government to kill me, I’d just curl up into a ball on the floor and take it.  That I wouldn’t have the guts, the heart, the desire, to fight back.

Yet this book makes me question if that really is true, if I truly would just give up.  Not because I think I’d have a shot against anyone trying to cause me harm–I’m about as defenseless as a sapling in a windstorm–but because I don’t give up when it comes to the non-physical threats.  I don’t just let things happen; I do fight back, even if it’s a fool’s errand.  So maybe that same mindset would take over in a physical challenge (this is not a reference to Double Dare if that’s what you think).  I’m nothing if not resilient, and, as Katniss has reminded me, resilience can be much more important than sheer strength and ability.

Of course, she also had impeccable aim.  But if I’m a sapling, that means I’ll eventually grow into a tree, and you know what?  Trees are pretty tough.

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