#106: Watch Freaks and Geeks

16 Apr

I love when I discover (not literally, in case there was any confusion) a show that I’ve always heard was good and it turns out to be good.  This scenario has only happened a few times in my life–when I first watched The Office in its 2nd season; when I first watched Friends during the 4th season finale; when I first watched How I Met Your Mother in its 5th season; when I first watched Arrested Development after it was already off the air. Feel free to use that list to make assumptions about both my sense of humor and obliviousness to pop culture if you’d like.

Did you know everybody is on Freaks and Geeks?  I’d heard a lot of people were, but I didn’t realize it actually meant everyone.

Go ahead.  Name a random actor.  Yep, he’s in it.  Name an actress.  She’s probably in it.  Name another actor.  What?  Shia LaBeouf?  You chose to name the star of Even Stevens who, despite his foray into adult films (no, not that kind, as far as I know) with such efforts as Wall Street and Transformers, will forever remain, at heart, Louis Stevens?  You think Shia LaBeouf, the perpetual mischievous young boy who appeared in one episode of Touched By An Angel and The X-Files, was on Freaks and Geeks?  You actually think–oh yeah, you’re right.

Of course Jason Segel can do no wrong (if you’re thinking, well yeah, except for that one thing he did, stop it; I just told you he can do no wrong), but the show really showcases how he is a talented actor who is also hilarious.  The only thing a person has to be in order for me to be obsessed is hilarious, so the fact that he has another talent is just icing on the cake.

And you know how much I love icing (especially cream cheese flavored).

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