#109: Put peppers on a taco

19 Apr

Over the past few years, I’ve made it to a place where I’m comfortable eating peppers if I can’t help it.  If they’re combined with many other ingredients and it’s too much effort to dig them out, I’ll eat them.  If they’re listed in a recipe that requires other things I don’t like and will therefore be skipping, I’ll put them in so there’s something left in the dish.  That’s progress.  I even like red peppers now, all by themselves.  But I’m still wary of green peppers; they just have this taste that makes it impossible to deny you’re eating a pepper.

Yesterday though, after I passed over the huge chunks of tomatoes and slippery olives, I paused at the bowl of green peppers.  I deliberately scooped 5-6 peppers out of the bowl and placed them on top of my taco, right over the sour cream, so there would be no way to pretend they weren’t there.

And I ate the taco like a normal person.

While eating 5-6 pieces of pepper on purpose may only be a small step, it reminded me of how important small steps are.  That small step is preparing me for a day when I can dive into a pepper pit (like a ball pit, only with peppers) with my mouth open.  It’s readying me for a day when I can pile peppers into an inflatable swimming pool (like a pepper pit, only outside) and roll around in them.  Not that I’d ever want to do either of those things, but I feel like I could.

Will I remember this significant day 5 years from now when I’m consuming peppers left and right with abandon? Probably not.  But maybe by then we’ll have the internet implanted into our brains and simply looking at a pepper will bring up all of my previous interactions with the vegetable.  At which point I’ll be reminded it’s technically a fruit, at which point I’ll tell the internet chip in my head to shut up because I just want to enjoy my peppers in peace.

Incidentally, if I ever say I want something implanted in my brain, you’ll know you’re talking to the hologram version of myself–which, coincidentally, will actually be the result of a technique called Pepper’s ghost.

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