#116: Get free money

26 Apr

If you grew up like I did, you didn’t get things handed to you.  You didn’t get an allowance, take family vacations, or receive $100 for your birthday every year from your grandma.  You worked for anything you got, and you never took anything for granted.  After college, as soon as you were in a position to save, you did, as much as possible, even though that often meant abstaining from spending money on truly necessary things like going out to bars and restaurants with your friends.

So you understand how surreal it would feel to suddenly get free money.  I opened up a new checking account because the bank I used doesn’t exist in Ohio, and, just for that, for nothing, I got $125.

Sure, it’s not like I won the lottery or something.  It won’t change my life; it won’t change anything at all, really. But just seeing that extra money automatically deposited in my bank account makes me feel like anything is possible.  Or at least, anything that costs $125.

Things I could do with my free money:

  • buy around 46 confetti shooters
  • obtain .07 ounces of gold
  • help pay for some random girl to take a trip to Hungary and, more importantly, get 4 miniature taxidermy-style ceramic animal heads, with a little left over to support something I actually think is cool
  • spend 3 nights in San Diego at this place that looks like it’s probably in a nice area because it’s on a park though I really have no idea
  • buy a goat
  • get a huge Edible Arrangements bouquet
  • finally buy a Kindle, now that everyone has an iPad
  • use it as 1/240th of the payment toward owning a private island
  • participate in 3 months of the Cheesecake of the Month club
  • own 73 tetra fish

What I am most likely going to do with my free money:

  • save it
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