#119: Buy an $8 dress

29 Apr

It may not have been quite as good of a deal as the $2 tank top I bought a few months ago, but it’s an even greater accomplishment because dresses have less chance of fitting me correctly.  (I don’t fit into traditional sizes because I have the chest of a 12 year old, the hips of a 20 year old, the arms of a monkey, and the height of a man.)

So when I tried on a special dress on sale for $8 at Old Navy (what, did you think I scored an $8 dress at Saks?), I had little hope it would actually fit.  Imagine my surprise when not only did it fit, but it fit decently. While modeling for my sister, who agreed that something strange had to be going on in the universe for this dress to fit me so well, another customer walked by, holding the same dress, and asked what size I had on.

“Small,” I said.

“So the fit is…” she said, trying to determine from a quick glance what my usual size was.  “Normal?”

I didn’t feel like going into the whole story of my life, explaining how “normal” sizes never fit me quite right and it was a constant struggle between length and width and price and patience.

“Yeah,” I said instead.  “Pretty normal.”

Little did she know I saw being able to purchase this $8 dress as a sign that some things in life, while they may take longer to find, do fit me just right.  And they don’t cost a fortune; they just require persistence.  Luckily, that’s something that comes in my size.

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