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#151: Be nominated for a blog award

What is most fantastic about this is that it confirms, for once and for all, that my friend Kate isn’t the only person who reads my blog.  I mean, I see the pageviews and likes and follows and assume they aren’t all coming from her, that she hasn’t created multiple usernames to hide her identity, but you never know.  Not that I don’t appreciate Kate’s loyalty to me, but it’s nice to be recognized by strangers.  Strangers don’t feel obligated to like your writing.

Anyway, a big thank you to NewsoftheTimes for nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award.  Per the rules, I will now list something I’ve been up to lately, as well as 6 other blogs to nominate. Read the rest of this entry »


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#150: Read a Not a Choose Your Own Adventure book

I’m glad I found out about this book*** when I did–that is, right now when, all things considered, I’m in a pretty okay place in my life and in my head.  Because as soon as I found out about it, I wanted to read it, and it’s not the type of book you should read if you’re in even a sort of bad place.

It was sad.  Funny, and a quick read, and a nice homage to Choose Your Own Adventure books, too, but overall, just sad sad sad.

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#149: Garden

My very first apartment in New York had a backyard (it also had 2 floors and 2 bathrooms and was cheap–for Manhattan.  Go ahead and be jealous; I’ll wait).

One year, my boyfriend and I decided we were going to really fix up the backyard.  We shared it with our super, and though our half was huge, it was mostly taken up by weeds.  Still, we saw the potential.  “We can plant tomatoes, and cucumbers, and peppers,” my boyfriend said.

“Let’s also put in a wading pool so we can sit in it and drink beer,” I said.

So we had big plans. Read the rest of this entry »

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#148: Pizza Hut dinner box

I could be sophisticated. The only thing stopping me is that I like deals too much.

Sure, you can still find deals on sophisticated things.  There are sales at Barneys, Groupons for expensive restaurants, and discounted tickets for theater shows.  But those are nothing compared to the thrill of being able to purchase 8 square slices of pizza, 5 breadsticks, and 10 cinnamon sticks for $10.  There’s very little–in my life, at least–as impressive as consuming an obscene amount of crappy food for only $5 per person.

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#147: Wear a mystery shirt

Black sleeveless H&M women’s shirt, size small.

My mother found a shirt with the above description in her clean laundry yesterday.  She asked my sister if if was hers; it wasn’t.  She asked me if it was mine; it wasn’t.  Where did this mystery shirt come from???

There are so many possibilities. Read the rest of this entry »

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#146: Refuse a massage at a hair salon

Somehow it has become a trend at hair salons to perform little massages–like hand, neck, scalp–on patrons who have arrived for a haircut.  It’s been going on for years and no one has said anything.  It’s pathetic.

Oh, I should mention: I hate massages.  I understand the concept, but how getting slathered in oil and prodded by a stranger is relaxing rather than stress-inducing, I will never know.

For years though, I’ve sat silently by, anxious and frustrated, while my hand or neck or scalp got rubbed, since I knew refusing a massage would tell the world I am crazy. Read the rest of this entry »

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#145: Stay out of it

I don’t like to call myself a fighter.  I would prefer to be someone who can go with the flow, calmly accept things, let things roll off of her, and not get bent out of shape over everything.  But just because you don’t call a dragon a dragon, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get fire-breathed on.

So, I might as well admit it.  I fight. Read the rest of this entry »

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