#142: Buy hypoallergenic earrings

22 May

Remember my ear problem?  Okay, no worries.  It was pretty gross anyway.   Basically, my ear was infected because I had essentially re-pierced a hole in it.  But, being stubborn and optimistic–huh?  Yeah, I was surprised, too–and stubborn some more, I refused to let the thing close up, even though it begged me repeatedly (in ear-speak, spewing pus means, “Please”).

For some reason, I was convinced it would just magically heal itself.  Why?  I guess I had turned myself into a character in a book for whom things never seem to work out but suddenly, just as you come along and happen to read her story, something goes right.  Or maybe just because I’m stubborn.

Either way, no amount of pleading with the hurting ear could convince it to quietly give up and heal.  So I finally gave in and bought hypoallergenic earrings.

I’ve probably owned those before, to be honest.  But I know I’ve never purposely bought them, because I always prided myself on having strong, hearty ears (I may not have ever said I was proud of my ears, or even thought it to myself, but if you put my ears on a list of physical characteristics and asked me which ones I had pride in, I would have checked that box.  Probably).

Remember when I thought my ear would magically heal itself?  Come on, you just read it 3 paragraphs ago. Well, clearly it wouldn’t.  But it would get better, almost immediately after switching out the old, who-knows-what-it-was-made-from earring and replacing it with the good one.  I think the 2 are correlated and I’m going to be bold enough to suggest one even caused the other.

How happy are you for me right now?  Fine, how happy are you for yourself that you will no longer be reading about pus and ears?  That’s what I thought.

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