#143: Transfer 9 years of photos

23 May

Transferring pictures from a MacBook with an unresponsive touchpad to an HP laptop is an exercise in patience.  Doing this for 9 years’ worth of photos in multiple folders is an exercise in…well, whatever is harder to practice than patience.  It also reinforces a few things about growing up and moving on.

  • No matter how much you try to postpone it–if you tell yourself over and over you’ll eventually get it done or if you just ignore it, thinking it’s going to magically take care of itself–at some point, you’re going to have to do it.
  • It requires effort, and time, and a whole lot of patience and that harder-than-patience thing.
  • While it’s not a good idea to put it off, it’s also not a good idea to rush into it just to get it over with.  Maybe you want to talk to people, get some advice, see what has worked for others.  Otherwise, you may end up spending extra time making something excruciatingly tedious when it could have just been a regular amount of tedious (for me, this was because my flash drive kept saying it was filled to capacity when it wasn’t, and I didn’t think to look it up online to find a solution until I had already transferred almost 1000 pictures).
  • There will always be some semblance of your former self still in you, regardless of how old you get, but sometimes it really is only a glimmer of a resemblance you can just make out in the way the corners of your lips form a smile.
  • Regret isn’t healthy or, it turns out, necessary.
  • Photos are a good reminder of things that have happened in your life, and if they all accidentally got deleted tomorrow, I’d be sad–and I can probably guarantee some tears–but I wouldn’t really miss them that much. The memories aren’t in the pictures themselves, and the best moments in life are rarely visually documented.
  • I used to wear extremely short skirts in college.


Oh, and one more: no one ever has a need to ride a mechanical bull.  But it sure is fun for those 17 seconds.

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