#146: Refuse a massage at a hair salon

26 May

Somehow it has become a trend at hair salons to perform little massages–like hand, neck, scalp–on patrons who have arrived for a haircut.  It’s been going on for years and no one has said anything.  It’s pathetic.

Oh, I should mention: I hate massages.  I understand the concept, but how getting slathered in oil and prodded by a stranger is relaxing rather than stress-inducing, I will never know.

For years though, I’ve sat silently by, anxious and frustrated, while my hand or neck or scalp got rubbed, since I knew refusing a massage would tell the world I am crazy.

No more.  Yesterday, when the girl explained how I was going to get a scalp massage and a mini-facial, instead of pursing my lips and holding my breath through the ordeal, I said, “Do I have to?”  Obviously, I knew I didn’t have to (or I was pretty sure at least) but that’s just how it came out.  Do I have to be tortured by this nice girl who just wants me to relax and enjoy my experience at the hair salon?

I was proud of myself for speaking up, for announcing that I am a freak who hates being touched by strangers and yes, you can ask me 5 times if I’m sure and I’m not going to change my answer.

The other thing that happened yesterday was the girl asked if I was still in high school, but that’s not really a new thing.

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