#152: Run and bike on the same day

01 Jun

You might do this all the time.  You might be this extremely healthy specimen who eats right, exercises constantly, and has no idea what it feels like to hurt when you sit down because you swear there’s a bruise deep inside your right butt cheek from the bicycle seat.

This post is not for you.

For everyone else, I don’t need to explain what an accomplishment doing 2 forms of exercise in one day is.You already know how proud you feel when you push yourself to do even one.  You know how good it feels later, once your muscles have had a chance to rest but before they’ve registered the strain they’re plotting to release on your body the next day, when you just feel drained and exhausted.  You dare to hope that maybe, if you’re really as tired as you feel, it might take less than an hour to fall asleep that night.  You wonder if this might be the start of an exercise burst where suddenly you will do at least 2 physical activities each day and become someone who would scoff at a post such as this.

You and me, let’s pause for a second to recognize that we may not be the most physically fit people in existence.  We may be the people who, on occasion, spend entire days in our pajamas.  We may be the ones who finish a carton of ice cream in 4 servings.

But I’m okay with that, because we’re also the ones who get to know what it feels like to work harder than we’re used to, and we’re the ones who get to write an entire blog post about how proud we are of that.

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