#157: Get a sports injury

06 Jun

I am the least graceful person I know.  I blame my excess height for it, but I don’t think it’s really those few extra inches’ fault.  It’s just that I am ridiculously klutzy and clumsy.  I’m lucky I’ve made it this far in life (“this far” being 28 years without breaking any bones).

The only reason I haven’t ever had a sports injury before is that I don’t play sports.

I wasn’t playing sports yesterday either, but apparently, now that I don’t walk at least a mile every day, walking a mile is a strenuous activity for me.  (Side note: I was using Google Maps to figure out how long my walk to and from the subway used to be and I chose Best Buy as the ending place since it is right by the subway.  For some reason, Google had Best Buy located 2.5 blocks east of its actual location.  When I saw where they had put it, I assumed it had moved since I had last been there, and I felt a sharp pang in my throat like I was going to cry.  I’ve been gone for less than 4 months and Best Buy has already moved on without me?  Luckily, before any tears could make their way out, I used the store locator on Best Buy’s site to find out the store hadn’t moved and Google was just wrong.  But for that one terrifying minute before I figured it out–wow.  Talk about misplaced nostalgia.)

Last night, my knee felt like I had subjected it to an intense soccer game, or a round of lacrosse, or rugby, or any other sport I’ve never played before that can probably affect the knee.  It was pretty depressing to learn how quickly I’ve gotten out of shape.  Not that I was ever in shape before, but I could at least walk a few blocks without causing my knee to rebel.  Apparently, running once a week and doing various other exercises doesn’t compare to the mile a day I used to walk without even realizing it.  Sad.

Not as sad as when I thought Best Buy had moved, but still.

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