#158: Take omega-3 supplement

07 Jun

How to take omega-3 supplements:

  1. Learn that you have ridiculously dry eyes.
  2. Hear omega-3 is supposed to be good for dry eyes.
  3. Be banned from wearing your contacts.
  4. Get new glasses.
  5. Visit the Cloisters.
  6. Get dumped.
  7. Become an aunt.
  8. Dress up like a panda.
  9. Get prescription sunglasses.
  10. Learn the Charleston.
  11. Survive a hurricane.
  12. Quit your job.
  13. Get dumped.
  14. Have your mom send you omega-3 supplements.
  15. Smell the pills and be so grossed out you immediately close the bottle.
  16. See an entire liquor store inside Walgreens in Chicago.
  17. Leave New York.
  18. Turn 28.
  19. Find the bottle of pills you haven’t touched in months.
  20. Cover 2 pills with applesauce.
  21. Sprinkle on cinnamon.
  22. Gulp down the pills.
  23. Repeat Steps 20-22 daily.


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