#160: Play the lottery

09 Jun

I didn’t buy a lottery ticket.  That would just be stupid.  I have the worst luck ever.

But I did receive lottery tickets from a friend.  So I thought maybe, since this friend is generally lucky, the luck she used to buy the tickets might transfer to me.

That kind of thing happens.  Last year, I was in Western Massachusetts for a work event.  The colleague I was traveling with had rented a car.  She has really good luck.

On our way to return the rental car and catch the train back to New York, we stopped to eat lunch at a Mexican place.  I noticed we weren’t leaving ourselves too much time to get to the train station but figured it would be okay, since this woman had such good luck.  Of course, for some reason I forgot to factor in how my own bad luck would affect the situation.

It turned out, the woman hadn’t printed out directions back to the rental car place, so we had no idea where to go.  She called her partner, who tried to look up the directions online.  But there had just been a tornado the week before, and the street we were supposed to take was closed due to the debris.  So the woman called her partner again to try to find another way to the rental car place.  She was getting panicky, whereas I had already resigned myself to the idea that we would miss our train.

After many twists and turns, we finally made it to the rental place.  Usually, someone there will drive you to the train station, but it was Sunday and the place was closed, so we had to call for a taxi.  Using the woman’s blackberry, I tried to find a taxi company in the area.  Unfortunately, we were in Springfield, and, hey guess what, there are a LOT of Springfields in the United States.  So, of course I ended up calling a cab company in Virginia.  Which nobody realized until they called me back 10 minutes later because they couldn’t find the address I had given them.  Because they were in a different state.

By this time, we were about 10 minutes away from the time the train was supposed to leave.  We finally found a cab company in the right city and state, and asked them to hurry.  The cab came, and the guy started driving. We were about 5 minutes from the train station and 3 minutes till the train would leave.  So we could possibly still make it.  But there was some kind of festival at a church, causing people to walk in the street and be oblivious to the cars trying to drive by.  It took 5 minutes to get through that nonsense, and we finally arrived at the station 5 minutes after the train should have left.

But as we ran up the stairs, there it was, sitting on the track.  It had been delayed.  We started running toward the door literally as it was beginning to close.  Somehow we made it.

Now, if it had just been me, I would have been waiting 4 hours for the next train to come.  My bad luck kept trying to make that happen (making the woman not have directions, making me call the wrong state, creating the church festival, and yeah, I’m even going to give my luck credit for that tornado).  But my colleague’s good luck kept showing up to counteract it.

So, it’s possible I could have had a winning lottery ticket.

I didn’t.  My bad luck and my friend’s good luck combined to just make regular luck.  But you know what?  I’ll take regular luck any day.

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