#166: Try nut cheese

15 Jun

It’s not called nut cheese, but that’s what it is: non-dairy parmesan cheese, made from walnuts.

My brother can’t have dairy or soy, so his options when it comes to fake dairy products are limited.

“Does it really taste like cheese?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.  “Hold out your hand.”

He sprinkled some nut cheese into the palm of my hand and I tasted it.  It tasted like nuts.

“This tastes like nuts,” I said.

He didn’t agree.  What I wonder is whether he actually thought it tasted like cheese, or if he had just convinced himself it did because he couldn’t have the real stuff.  We’re pretty adept at getting ourselves to believe things that aren’t true so we’ll feel better.

He didn’t ask me out because he was too intimidated by me.  You didn’t get the job because you were overqualified.  It tastes like cheese.

Does it matter whether these things are true if they make us feel better?  Well, you know I’m a huge proponent of telling the truth, so I’d like to say that yes, it matters.  He didn’t ask me out because he thought I was annoying.  You didn’t get the job because you seemed dumb.  It tastes like nuts.

But if a little lie is what it takes to make you okay with the fact that you can’t eat real ice cream ever, who am I to suggest you change your way of thinking?

Just some girl who is lucky enough to be able to eat cheese whenever she wants.  In other words, nobody.

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