#169: Appreciate a drunk dial

18 Jun

A drunk dial is the epitome of annoyance.  If you’re sitting at home doing nothing when you receive it, it only serves to highlight that fact, as you try to patiently make sense of what the other person is saying.

“I give up: what is the guy next to you doing that I’ll never believe?  Yeah, I don’t seem surprised because you just called me 2 minutes ago to tell me the exact same thing.  Wait, what?  You’re not saying real words now.”

If you’re out doing something when you receive it, it cuts into your own fun night while you try to decipher some sort of meaning trapped in between your caller’s background noise and your own.

“Huh?  Did you say–what?  Hold on, let me go outside.  Wait a second, I’m going outside.  Hold on, I can’t hear you.  Almost there.  Okay, say it again.  Huh?”

But the most annoying drunk dial of all comes when you are tucked in bed, sound asleep.

The first time you hear the phone ring, you’re roused from your slumber and instinctively silence your phone, cutting off the caller at its source.  You didn’t do it on purpose; in your confused state, you assumed it was your alarm clock.  Once you look at the phone and see you just hung up on a human being, you turn off your phone’s sound just in case the person decides to try calling again.  Then you stare into the darkness for a half hour while you try falling back to sleep at 2 am.

The next morning, you look at your phone to see what kind of damage was done overnight.  While you were petitioning dreamland to let you come back to visit, you have received 2 texts (one blank), and 2 calls, with one voicemail.

You shake your head and sigh, wondering what remnants from a drunken night will be left for you to try to piece together.  Then you see the text that says “I miss/love you.”  Then you listen to the voicemail that simply says, “I miss you.”

And you realize, for all of the frustration and annoyance drunk dials cause, there actually is a time and a place for them.  Sure, they’re not convenient, but neither is love.  Relationships–whether between friends, lovers, or family–aren’t always convenient.  But they’re worth it because when what you need to hear the most is that someone loves you, when what you need to know the most is that your presence in someone’s life matters, the drunk dial is there for you.  The reassurance that yes, you are loved, and yes, you are valued is worth more than the sleep you missed out on.  Even if it doesn’t seem like it at 2 am.

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One response to “#169: Appreciate a drunk dial

  1. Seriously, who does this?me

    June 18, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    LOL, miss you!


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