#177: Buy a $67 plane ticket

26 Jun

You understand that is the equivalent cost of 2-3 checked bags on most airlines, right?  That is also the cost of:

  • the dress I wore to my cousin’s wedding
  • a pair of nice shoes
  • 2 fancy cocktails each for me and a friend at a speakeasy
  • 13 beers (not including tip) at my favorite bar in NYC
  • the rebate I never got around to filling out the form to receive when I bought my laptop, plus $17
  • 3 dozen cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place
  • 5 movie tickets
  • 1 ticket for the worst seat in the house to Once on Broadway
  • adopting a cat or dog
  • 66 random things you didn’t need but once you saw you knew you had to have at the dollar store
  • almost 1.5 tickets to Cedar Point

In the interest of full disclosure, I also ate a salad at 11pm yesterday, which I’m pretty sure I’ve never done before either, so it could have been my “new thing” for the day, but I thought you would find this list much more fascinating.  In the interest of even fuller disclosure, I didn’t actually think you would find this list fascinating, but I do think the plane ticket was ridiculously cheap.

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