#180: Eat blackberry-grape chocolate

29 Jun

There are some things that are meant to be together: peanut butter and chocolate; sunsets and oceans; flight delays and me.  They just go with each other so naturally that everyone can see they belong together.

Then there are those things that don’t make such an obvious pair: nerds and the gooey candy that makes up Nerds Rope; Gotye and a guitar solo; exercise and me.  When you first hear about them, you may think, No way; that won’t work.  It will never last.

If you look closer, though, you might see what I did when I tried Ghiradelli’s Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee Bar, dark chocolate flavored with blackberries and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.  Sure, those flavors sound like they may possibly be good together, but they’re not the most obvious choices.  Wine and dark chocolate and blackberries all have extremely strong flavors.  They’re not going to just automatically meld together.  There’s a serious question as to whether any of them will be able to hold their own or if they’ll all just disappear into one big, bold, yucky mash-up.  Their less than traditional combination may be, at best, an acquired taste, or at worst, something you can only handle in small doses.

However, once you do sample the chocolate, you’ll realize what I’ve discovered about Nerds Rope and that guitar solo and myself exercising: it works.  The pair may not be natural, and maybe everybody won’t understand it, but it’s good.  It’s worth it.  And it’ll never be boring.

So while I’ll always appreciate peanut butter and chocolate (just accidentally wrote “peanut butt,” which would have given this sentence an entirely new meaning), I’ll never fall for the misconception that that’s the only successful match.  I’ll be on the lookout for blackberry-grape-chocolate combinations.  I’ll fight to keep them alive when others say they don’t work.

Too dramatic for a post about food?  It’s just–I don’t want to let anyone try to limit chocolate’s potential for new and exciting possibilities.  There’s a lot of unexplored territory out there, and I want to see it explored.

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