#181: See a “lost iguana” sign

30 Jun

I have to wonder: how does one lose an iguana?  You own it, you love it, you take care of it.  How do you lose it?

Is it because you let it out of your sight?  Did it get loose while you weren’t looking?  Or is it because the fence is broken?  There’s a missing piece somewhere you weren’t aware of?  Or did it just one day decide to leave, to try something new?  At the time you agreed that yes, this was the best thing for both of you, but then as soon as it was out the door, you panicked and thought there’s no way you want to keep going through life without your iguana?

Having never owned an iguana, I couldn’t say for sure.  But if I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably just that you didn’t think about the possibility of ever losing it as something that would really happen.  You knew it could, but you didn’t prepare yourself for it because you wanted to remain optimistic.  You didn’t want to be one of those people going around complaining that you thought you weren’t good enough for your pet.  You didn’t want to bother anyone with your doubts because if you spoke them out loud it might make them come true.  You wanted to continue on as if you and your iguana would never reach the day that you had to part ways.

So when it suddenly left, you didn’t know what else to do but put up a sign on a wooden stick at the entrance to the beach and hope.

Of course, the chances that someone would locate your lost iguana are slim, but you had to at least try. Otherwise you’d have to admit that it was never coming back.  You’d have to go to the pet store and pick out another iguana and swear to be more careful with this one.

Or maybe, before you reach the register, you’d decide to choose a nice tetra fish instead.  That sounds safer–less risk of loss, less chance of the new pet not living up to the old one because they’re not even comparable. Less danger of having to go through this heartbreak again.

It’s the sensible thing to do, really.  You never see signs for lost fish.

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