#182: Buy shoes for $1

01 Jul

People are crazy–crazy about a good deal, I mean!  I also mean regular old crazy.

Old Navy was having a sale on flip-flops; they were all $1.  The store was opening at 7am to celebrate this fact. I got there around 9am because I’d heard how crazy people get about these cheap pieces of plastic (or, according to the tag on the shoes, “other materials”).  At that time, the place was already a zoo.  People were hovering over these giant bins of flip-flops, sorting through to find the colors they wanted, hoarding a pile of shoes in their arms like they were the most precious of “other materials.”  Workers kept coming over and depositing more shoes into the bins, reminding customers there was a 5-pair limit and if they wanted more, they would have to go to the back of the line again.

The line.  By 9am, it was snaking around into the men’s clothes, and by the time I left (probably 9:15), it was already inching toward the back of the store.

I heard one woman complaining that the store had opened at 7, but on the website it said 9.  (The website said 7, but I didn’t tell her that because I wasn’t sure she could handle that sort of news in her already agitated state.)

I’m tempted to say something like, “Wow, people in the suburbs really get excited over silly things,” but that would be hypocritical because 1.) I’m in the suburbs, and 2.) I was excited to get a pair of cheap flip-flops.  I had been wearing my brother’s to the beach and it will be nice to no longer hear him complain about how I’m somehow ruining them.  We picked him up a pair of $1 flip-flops, too, to help alleviate the painful memory of the time he let his sister borrow his shoes and she did absolutely nothing to harm them.

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