#189: See a dream house

08 Jul

When I was younger, I used to assume one day I’d have a husband, kids, and a house.  It’s not because I wanted to conform to a very narrow definition of what a normal adult’s life should look like.  I honestly didn’t even consider the possibility that there were any other possibilities.

Now, walking through room to room of a so-called “dream house” (the YMCA is giving it away to one lucky ticket-holder), it was painfully clear that 1.) one person’s “dream” is not necessarily everyone else’s dream, and 2.) it’s a dream that doesn’t fit into my current life at all.

Take that beautiful kitchen, for example.  On every House Hunters show I’ve ever seen, the people are always excessively concerned that the kitchen contains granite counter tops and a gorgeous backsplash.  I’ve even seen episodes where this was a requirement for a vacation home.  The dream house did have an extremely attractive backsplash composed of individual stones in a pleasing mosaic pattern.  But what use would I have of that?  I don’t like to cook, so I would be spending as little time as possible in this terrifically expensive room.

Next, take the master suite.  What would I possibly do with a closet that huge?  I have a lot of stuff, sure.  For a studio apartment in New York City.  But that closet was almost the size of a studio apartment.  And it’s great that the master bathroom has 2 sinks because everyone knows that is a big selling point for a home.  But what purpose would I have for them, aside from using them to delay how often I needed to clean the sink?

Finally, while we’re taking things, we might as well take the outrageously spacious basement.  There are already 3 bedrooms on the top 2 levels of the house, plus a “relaxation room” that was shown with spa-like amenities but would obviously be turned into either a music room or a library.  What do I need another floor for? I don’t have kids who could use the space as their playroom, or a husband who requires a man cave (a concept I’ve always disliked anyway).  I suppose I could fill it with water, since the one thing this house was missing is a pool, but I hear it’s a bad thing to have a basement full of water.

So it’s a great house.  It’s a house that most regular people would love to own, and it’s one that almost everyone would be ecstatic to win.  But this dream house is made for someone with the typical dream.  It’s for people who have always dreamed of having those children and that kitchen, and all of the upkeep dictated by having such a large property.  It’s not for people who only assumed they would end up with a husband and kids and a house just because they thought it was the way to be.  It’s not for someone who has realized that no dream is better than any other, and just because her life doesn’t look like the dream house suggests it should, it doesn’t mean her life is any less valuable.

It’s not for me right now.  And that’s fine.  I have other dreams.

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