#194: Eat a pomegranate popsicle

13 Jul

Remember when I learned everything there was to know about pomegranates?  Yeah, I barely do either.  But I did.  However, I didn’t learn how delicious pomegranate popsicles were until I tasted one yesterday.

It came in the pack with the fantastic goji grape popsicles.

And you don’t care about any of this because it is boring.  But you know what doing a new thing every day has made me realize?  Life is made up of lots of little events that could easily be dismissed as boring.  Eating a new flavor of popsicle.  Going a new direction on a walk.  Painting your nails a different color.  These are mundane activities.  They don’t really contribute to your overall narrative.  Or so it seems.

But all of them taken together?  These make up a life.  Maybe you’d rather read about exciting things like exotic vacations and randomly finding $50 on the street, or meeting someone I’m going to marry.  Well, I’ll admit I’d rather be doing those things as well.  But the fact that I’m not doesn’t bother me.  I’m taking it one day at a time, doing one new boring thing a day, and I’m pretty sure, when I look back on this year at the end of it, I’m going to realize that all of these boring things have added up to one pretty interesting year.

Or else they’ll just add up to me having eaten a lot of different flavors of popsicles.  Which is also cool.

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