#205: Watch The Dark Knight Rises

24 Jul

Instead of focusing on how the movie really made me want to immediately run to my family and hug them (both because of the horrible state of the world in the film and the horrible state of the world in real life), instead of remarking on how it’s so inconceivable to me that people with so much pain and sickness in their hearts as to inspire unthinkable acts like the ones portrayed in the movie and acted out last week can actually exist, instead of talking about how the few humorous moments were required so that the viewers could, even if only for a second, try to untangle that knot in their chest that had grown throughout the action (or maybe it was only in mine), I’m just going to write about Batman’s voice.

Granted, maybe it’s because of something that has to do with the original comic book.  Maybe I’m just too out of touch with the comic world to understand why Bale’s voice has to get so husky every time he wears the suit. But I didn’t get it in the previous movie, and I still don’t get it in this one.

Apparently, we’re expected to believe that altering his voice in that way is enough to fool the people who know him.  So ostensibly, if I called you up when I had a cold and said hi, you would reply with, “Hi stranger who I can’t place at all simply because your voice has become slightly more raspy than before and it sounds like it’s a whole lot of effort to get every single word out.”  It’s at least slightly more believable than the multitude of movies that operate under the assumption that simply placing sunglasses or a hat on a person is enough to disguise him from his closest friends, I’ll give you that.

It still seems pretty silly to me, though.  Show me machines with highly improbable functionality.  Fine. Present me with a premise so outrageous I’m not even able to question it because then there would be no movie.  I’m with you.  It’s a comic book story, after all.  But as much as I may have wanted to give myself over to the action, it was difficult for me to suspend my belief enough to let Bale’s weird husky Batman voice go by without grinning a little.

Mostly, I wonder what the directions on the script said.  “Smoker’s voice,” maybe.  Or “Bronchitis voice.”  Or perhaps it was all Bale’s own creation?  That makes it even funnier to me, so I kind of hope it was.

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