#206: Learn Chinese

25 Jul

Why am I taking Chinese lessons?  A few reasons:

1.) Because it’s something I can control.  There’s a lot I can’t control: that friends often cancel when I plan an activity because they’re too busy; that I don’t have a place to live next week; that I hate bread pudding.  Taking Chinese class is something I have complete control over.

2.) Because I have the time.  I’ve always liked not being ridiculously busy.  That hasn’t changed; I still like having time to myself to relax.  But I realized that it might be nice to fill some of my free-time hours with things that super busy people don’t have time to do.

3.) Because it was cheap.  I used a LivingSocial deal that made the lessons less than 50% of the original price.

4.) Because it makes for an awesome blog post.  This is the least important reason, but it’s still valid.  After my first lesson, I can tell you that learning Chinese is very difficult, the word for “Ms.” also means “prostitute,” and learning Chinese is very difficult.

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